Dabbleam Ltd is a company, whose registration number is 08817615, based in United Kingdom and dedicated to offering Internet services, although we're mostly specialized in services related to websites (webhosting, domains, VPS, etc.)

Our customer support is our strong point, since we believe that communication and solving problems and doubts is essential, and even better if it can be done in a short timespan.

For our support, our preferred language is Spanish. However, we will be able to answer tickets in English, which is our second preferred language.

In addition, you'll be assigned a personal Account Manager.
- Wait a minute... what's a personal Account Manager?

A personal Account Manager is a worker automatically assigned to you once you're done signing up. The Account Manager can help you and give you tips about specific services, like for a design that you're working on for your website, he'll give you tips about which hosting plan you should choose, help about developing your content... He could even give you tips regarding your ISP! ;-)

We're not perfect, sometimes things just don't turn out the way we'd like... But we'll do everything we can in order to offer the best service, minimize any possible risks by frequently doing backups and answering to all of your doubts and questions as soon as possible.

Additionally, if you have any problem we can't solve, or if you're unhappy with our service or you're no longer interested on signing up for our services, we'll offer you seven days of use, without obligation, on all of our services except for domains.
So, should you have any of the previously mentioned problems, we will refund your money without any problems.